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MS & Motherhood

MS & Motherhood

Deciding on Motherhood

For Women living with MS

Health, finances, emotional wellbeing, as well as social and religious circumstances are key considerations when trying to determine whether or not to have a child. Having a baby is an important decision; however, given the complexity of MS, this decision can become more complicated.


If you are a woman with MS and you are unsure whether having and raising a child is the right choice for you; or you are seeking information about pregnancy and parenting after an MS diagnosis, this booklet aims to provide balanced information about the risks and benefits involved in becoming pregnant and being a parent with MS. It will allow you to make an informed decision about motherhood and concludes with exercises that will assist you in making that decision.


Keep in mind that it is also essential to discuss your individual circumstances and concerns with your partner, family members and with your healthcare team.


PDF document | 23 pages | 426 KB