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About Us


A multidisciplinary team of health care professional that are able to provide comprehensive, evidence-based care to both patients and their families.

Message from the Director

Located at the Montreal Neurological Hospital and Institute (MNH/I) the multiple sclerosis clinic houses a multidisciplinary team devoted to the care of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis and to providing information and teaching to patients and their family regarding this illness, as well as to foster research on the mechanism involved in its origin and evolution. Due to the clinic location and association to the MNH/I and to the McGill University Health Center (MUHC), the clinic is also involved in teaching nurses and doctors in training.


Our team includes neurologists, specialized nurses and support staff ensuring the clinic is opened 5 days per week. This team is supported by many other departments within the hospital that can provide patients with a wide range of services for patient care in a single location (i.e. physiotherapy, occupational-therapy, neuropsychology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, day center, blood laboratory, neuroradiology and electromyography). The availability of these resources allows the clinic team members to investigate and treat multiple symptoms and complications associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) with specialized interventions.


One of the essential components of our mission is research. Our research focuses on the cause(s), the mechanisms, and the factors that are involved in the evolution of the disease, new imaging techniques, and new treatments of MS. For example, the members of the clinic work closely with the clinical research unit of the MNI to participate in multi-centered pharmaceutical clinical trials. The goal is to develop novel treatments targeting different aspects of the disease that better stabilize disease progression, and eventually to cure MS.


Internationally renowned research teams in neuroimmunology and magnetic resonance imaging are located at the MNI. These researchers work closely with the clinical research unit; and some are acting members of our clinic. This close relationship contributes greatly to knowledge transfer from the labs to the patients.


Since its creation in 1954, making it the first clinic to emerge in Canada, the MS Clinic of the Montreal Neurological Hospital/Institute via its members, has always worked to be at the cutting-edge internationally in terms of the research and treatments offered to defeat this disease.


To learn more about our clinic and for more information on the disease, I would like to invite you to search our website.


Dr. Yves Lapierre, Director

Our Team

Dr. Yves Lapierre

Director, Neurologist

Our Mission

The Multiple Sclerosis program at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of health care professional that are able to provide comprehensive, evidence-based care to both patients and their families.


The care and services offered by the MS team includes:

  • consultations for diagnostic services,
  • follow-up for care and support,
  • management of relapses
  • treatments
  • liaisons with other institutions or community services (the network and beyond)
  • education/teaching to patients and families affected by MS.


In order to accomplish these roles, the ¨MS clinic team¨ is multidisciplinary and consists of five neurologists including a director, two nurse specialists, two nurses working at the infusion centre, a social worker, a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist, and other health professionals. This group is supported by a clerical team of a receptionist, a secretary and an office clerk.


Besides providing clinical care and services to patients, the MS clinic is dedicated to teaching and training for students in nursing and medicine as well as for specialty residents and fellows. Very importantly, the MS clinic team is also committed to encourage and foster research on many aspects of MS with other members of the academic community. The clinic also participates in clinical trial.

Our History

The MNI MS Clinic is the first clinic established in Canada and was the result of efforts by Dr. Roy Swank in 1949. From a rather humble beginnings and small number of patients, the clinic gradually became quite large, but had significant difficulty in finding a fixed home. The clinic was initially centered at the Royal Victoria Hospital, but then moved to a building on University Street, then into the Social Service Department of the Montreal Neurological Hospital (MNH), back to a building on Pine Avenue, with a horrendous entrance at the rear of the building, and finally to its present location on the second floor of the Montreal Neurological Hospital. Dr. Bert Cosgrove who is fondly remembered by many patients, directed the clinic until his death in 1984. Following that, the clinic has been directed by Dr. Gordon Francis who oversaw the move of the clinic into the Neurological Hospital. In 2000, Dr. Yves Lapierre was appointed director of the MS Clinic. There have been over 5000 patients seen at the clinic over the years with approximately 3000 of whom are actively followed. Each year there are over 4500 clinic visits.


As the activities of the clinic have increased, so have the number of people affiliated with the MS Clinic. There are currently 5 physicians, Drs. Antel, Arnold, Bar-or, Giacomini, and Lapierre who have MS as their primary clinical focus. Diane Lowden and Vanessa Spyropoulos are the clinical nurses at the clinic. Shayna Rachelle Michel-Pierre is the treatment nurse and in charge of delivering the latest therapies such as Tysabri and the first Gilenya and Lemtrada dose to patients. Claire Girard, Penny Plessas, and Maria Angela Costa, and Madeleine Disnard are the support staff to help organize patient visits to the clinic. Dr. Antel follows a significant number of MS patients in his office at the MNH. The Clinic has additional services from physical and occupational therapist, social worker, and the nursing support from the Day Centre which is often used to the administer treatments such as solumedrol at the Day Centre.